Talking with God




I said: Iím so lonely and alone.

You said: I am very close to you. (2:186)


I said: Yes, I know Youíre close to me, but I am far from You. I wish I could be close to You, too.

You said: Invoke the name of (remember) your Lord humbly and in reverence, privately with a low voice, mornings and evenings. (7:205)


I said: That calls for help from You.

You said: Donít you want God to forgive you? (24:22)


I said: Of course I do.

You said: Then ask forgiveness of your Lord and repent to Him: ďSurely my Lord is

All-merciful, the Loving-kind.Ē (11:90)


I said: Iím very sinful. What am