Talking with God




I said: Iím so lonely and alone.

You said: I am very close to you. (2:186)


I said: Yes, I know Youíre close to me, but I am far from You. I wish I could be close to You, too.

You said: Invoke the name of (remember) your Lord humbly and in reverence, privately with a low voice, mornings and evenings. (7:205)


I said: That calls for help from You.

You said: Donít you want God to forgive you? (24:22)


I said: Of course I do.

You said: Then ask forgiveness of your Lord and repent to Him: ďSurely my Lord is

All-merciful, the Loving-kind.Ē (11:90)


I said: Iím very sinful. What am I going to do with all these sins?

You said: Donít they know that God will accept the repentance of His servants, that God is the All-forgiving, the Merciful? (9:104)


I said: Iíve repented then sinned again so many times, I no longer have the face to repent.

You said: God is the Almighty, the All-knowing. He forgives sins and accepts repentance. (40:2-3)


I said: I have so many sins. Which one will I repent for?

You said: God forgives all sins. (39:53)


I said: So if I come to You again, You will forgive me again?

You said: Who can forgive sins but God? (3:135)


I said: My God, youíre so wonderful! I donít know why I overflow with joy like this and start to melt away inside. I love you very much!

You said: Surely God loves those who turn to Him in repentance and who purify their selves. (2:222)


I said: My Lord and my God, who else do I have but You?

You said: Isnít God enough for His servant? (39:36)


I said: Youíre so good to me and love me so much! What can I do?

You said: Invoke the name of (remember) God often, glorify Him day and night. It is He who blesses you to bring you out of darkness into light.His angels bless you, too. He is All-merciful towards believers. (33:41-43)




I said to myself: My God, I love you so much!